July 06, 2021

I Will Devote All My Energy to Spoiling My Childhood Friend, a Beautiful Kuudere Girl Who Can't Be Honest Ch.3


Arc-1 Chapter-3
Childhood Friend and New Beginnings


    After that, I managed to continue to chat with Kotoba, and we finally reached our new beginning. High school, the stage for my youth with Kotoba.

    The school we'll be attending is the Tenkei Private High School. Although it depends on the department, it boasts one of the highest deviation scores in the prefecture. It's also a very liberal school that respects the independence of its students.

    The reason I chose this school was, of course, because Kotoba wanted to attend it. Also, it seems to be pretty flexible, so I can flirt with Kotoba as much as I want.

    While I was thinking such trivial thoughts, Kotoba spoke.

    "Tsuzuri-kun, we're almost there. What's wrong with your stupid face all of a sudden?"

    That said, she suddenly stopped talking and looked at me strangely. Oops, Kotoha once said that when I indulge in thought, my face is "stupid."

    "I'm sorry for my stupid face. I was just thinking."

    "I see, you were probably just thinking about something stupid again anyway."

    Kotoba's "verbal assaults" never stops. But I'm not just going to sit here and let her do that to me. It is said that a man is ruined if he is always beaten, and the only thing I have been able to do today is attack her for her uniform.

    In other words, it might be a good idea to take Kotoba by surprise here.

    "No, I was thinking of something very important. It's about you, Kotoba."

    "O, oh is that so?"

    "That you're cute, somewhat clumsy, and kind. I am very grateful to you for always being there for me."

    Hearing my words, Kotoba turned her face away. She must be blushing right now. I desperately wanted to see her blush, so I took a peek at her face.

    "No, please don't! Hentia! Baka! Criminal!"

    The relentless abuse flies from Kotoba. But I'm not going to stop the deed!

    "Please! I really want to see Kotoba's blushing face!"

    "If you don't stop soon, I'm seriously calling the police!"

    Kotoba was getting a little teary-eyed. I had no choice but to stop her, judging that this was not a good idea.

    It is the day of the entrance ceremony, and the school is quite crowded. Kotoba and I walked side by side through the crowd.

    "Hey, isn't that girl really cute?"

    "Silver hair, blue eyes! You should talk to her!"

    "No, no, no! There's a guy next to her! Is that her boyfriend?"

    As a beautiful girl, Kotoba attracts quite a bit of attention, coupled with her rare appearance of silver hair and blue eyes.

    "Kotoba, you really stand out because of how cute you are."

    "Oh, really!? I mean, it's weird that you naturally praise me, so please die."

    Hmmm... It's very different from the reaction I got at the Shirayuki house yesterday. I guess environment and atmosphere are important after all.

    "I mean, you're getting a lot of attention too, aren't you, Tsuzuri-kun?"

    When Kotoba mentioned it to me, I realized. That being said, it's true that I pay a lot of attention to my appearance, and in middle school I was confessed to by quite a few girls. However, compared to Kotoba, I'm a moon and a half away from her.

    "Kotoba-level beauty I can understand, but I think there are a lot of guys out there who look like me."

    I regretted saying that afterwards. Kotoba turned away with a pouting face.

    "You're belittling yourself like that again..."

    ".....sorry, I'll be careful from now on."

    She always gets a little grumpy when I talk down about myself. She probably hates the fact that I don't get a fair evaluation. Even if it's her own judgment.

    Perhaps to soften the slightly awkward atmosphere, Kotoba changed the subject.

    "Look, for example, those girls over there, they're probably talking about you, right?"

    "Oh, really?"

    So I listened carefully, and sure enough, they were talking about me.

    "Hey, isn't that guy cool?"

    "I know! He's so handsome!"

    "Isn't the girl next to him pretty cute too? Is it his girlfriend? I'm jealous~. I wonder if I have a chance."

    Indeed, I was rated quite highly. Surprising because it's a little unexpected. And that last girl, I can't answer your feelings because all I ever wanted is Kotoba! I'm sorry.

    Suddenly, a small voice leaked out from next to me. When I looked at Kotoba's face to see what it was, she puffed out her little cheeks and muttered something.

    "Mou... Tsuzuri-kun is the only thing that I will not give to anyone!"


    My mind goes blank. If I'm not mistaken..... maybe Kotoba is jealous of those girls? That means that Kotoba definitely likes me

    "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Never mind what I just said! Pretend you didn't hear that please!"

    "Eh, but Kotoba..."

    "Oh! The entrance ceremony is about to start! Come on, Tsuzuri-kun, hurry up!"

    The words thrown at me by Kotoba somehow revived my brain, which had fallen into an operational halt. However, when I tried to think about the meaning of the words, I was interrupted by an impatient Kotoha. I didn't know what was going on, so Kotoba pulled me into the gymnasium, the stage for the entrance ceremony.


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Ah, this is gonna be a hard one to read. There is gonna be soooo many moments of, "Oh come on! Just confess already!" Well, thanks for reading and please point out any error you see or suggestions to improve~



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