July 05, 2021

I Will Devote All My Energy to Spoiling My Childhood Friend, a Beautiful Kuudere Girl Who Can't Be Honest Ch.2

Arc-1 Chapter-2
First Day of High School with a Childhood Friend


    I could hear the sound of birds chirping.

    "...Morning already?"

    The time is 6:00 AM. Although I felt depressed about getting out of bed, I couldn't dwell on it forever. After all, today is the entrance ceremony for high school.

    By the way, the first impression is very important. In order to have the best high school life with Kotoba, the Entrance Ceremony is an important first point.

    The key here is to show how close I am with Kotoba, and to create a 'There's no room for anyone to get in between us, you know' kind of vibe.

    It's not like we're in a relationship, so I don't think we can rely on the effect of just that, or even the first impression. It may be an act of check and balance, but it will be a different story if it is done every day.

    Besides, if I fail here, there is a possibility of trouble later on. For example, what if Kotoba and I get separated at the entrance ceremony and can't be together?

    The boys who can't read the air and are prone to misunderstandings, must be thinking. "Hey, that girl is so cute! She doesn't look like she has a boyfriend maybe I have a chance!"

    That would be a extremely bad situation. You see, some misguided fool might try to approach Kotoba.

    No, I'm not worried about her response to their approach, because me and Kotoba are destined to be together (...maybe). My main concern is my relationships, it's something I have to be careful of.

    After all, a love feud is a very serious thing. For me, it's a situation I'd like to avoid as much as possible.

    For example, if Kotoba and I were to become isolated from our surroundings because of it..... No, it doesn't matter if I'm isolated or not. The problem is with Kotoba.

    She is relatively straightforward with me, which is a strong theory that she likes me, but she is very reserved with other people. She has a tendency to isolate herself from others, and when conflicts arise, she can be easily isolated...

    It might make it easier for me to have a lovey-dovey life with just me and Kotoba, but I don't want to make enemies as much as possible, and I'm pretty sure it would make high school life inconvenient...

    .....I don't want to repeat what I did in middle school.

    Suddenly, I looked at my watch and saw that it was 6:30 AM. I was so lost in my thoughts that before I knew it, half an hour had passed. Forcing myself to break my habit of thinking in a negative direction, I headed for the washroom.

    "Good morning, Kotoba."

    The time is 07:30 AM. Right now, I'm at the entrance of Shirayuki's residence, preparing to go to school with my beloved Kotoba.

    "Good morning, Tsuzuri-kun"

    She responds in a calm voice, and her appearance is very elegant. Her silver hair is as beautiful as ever, her eyes as blue as jewels. The brand new high school uniform looks so good on her that it seems to have been made just for her.

    "Kotoba, that uniform looks great on you. Especially with that clear, beautiful silver hair and the uniform, it's a perfect match, and the skin"

    "Aah! Hold on, please! Yesterday I said that I wanted you to tell me first when you give me a compliment! Didn't I tell you that?"

    The moment I was about to praise Kotoba as I had been doing, she interrupted my voice with a crazy impatient look. That's right, I have to keep my promises.

    "Yes! I, Sasaki Tsuzuri, hereby declare that from now on, I will praise Shirayuki Kotoba immensely! So, Kotoba you look really good in that uniform, and it has excellent destructive powers━"

    "No, no, no! No more declarations or anything like that!"

    Kotoba screamed, her face turning red. What's wrong with her? Should I have stopped the declaration after all?

    "Then I take back my declaration."

    Yes, I'm glad. I know you're usually crazy but I never expected it to go this far..."

    "Oof, that's not good to hear."

    "No, it's true, isn't it? I don't like people who blatantly praise me like that...except for you....."


    Ugh! Could this possibly be a drop in Kotoba's likability! She blurted out something at the end, but I don't think that was a bad comment about me!

    Kotoba's sudden attack is too much for me, and my heart is in tatters.

    With my heart deeply wounded, I forced a smile on my face so that no one around me would notice, and kept chatting with Kotoba until we arrived at the high school.

    ...My smile was likely twitching.


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